Hallmark Christmas

Troy Brinkel ‘20, Sports Editor 

*Spoiler Warning*

The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)

 An Insecure veterinary student, Marilee White, and a shy firefighter, Zach Stone, meet each other after Zach takes in a wild cat as his own. This cat, names Ambros, challenges Zach’s ability to commit as Zach repairs an old house he bought. Marilee and Zach spend time together, and become friends when Marilee loses her job and house. After feeling a bit guilty of those losses, Zach invites Marilee to live with him causing Ambros and Marilee’s cat to become best friends. Then Zach and Marilee slowly fall in love as the movie progresses. This movie is great for the animal lover as the movie is centered around the two cats. Senior Lexi Czach said, “ This is a really cute movie, especially for being one of the older ones, I really enjoyed it.” 

A Royal Christmas (2014)

Country girl, Emily Taylor, accidentally stumbles into royal prince, Leo James. The two go on a couple dates and agree to a serious relationship. Emily goes back to Britain with Leo for christmas and is blown away by the size of the mansion he lives in. The two would fall in love if it wasn’t for Leo’s unapproving mother Queen Isadora. The film escalates to a seen at the royale ball where Leo is stolen from Emily by one of Leo’s cousins. Leo then chases Emily all the way back to North Carolina and asks her to marry him in front of his now approving mother. 

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (2019)

Abbey Lock, a former stay at home mother, is looking to get back into the interior design business with a big business firm. She meets Nick Sinclair, the CEO, after Nick takes a shot with her ideas with the company’s holiday party. The two spend enough time together at work to get entangled with each others personal lives; that is when the viewer begins to understand that Nick has feelings for Abbey.The movie escalates to a situation where Nick must either focus his efforts on the companies success or his relationship with Abbey. Nick ends up passing his CEO title off to his assistant and focusing on his relationship with Abbey. Lexi had high remarks for this movie too “ This is my favorite movie that premiered in 2019, the way Nick meets Abbey is very cute.” 


Hallmark movies have been produced since the early 2000’s; this is a short list, but as more premiere, some new good ones may need to be added. 


Photo courtesy of Hallmark channel

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