Student New Years’ plans: SLHS plans on December 31st

Ryley Arnold 20’ Layout Director

This December brings us to the end of the decade; the end of the 2010s. We are about to enter the Roaring 20s once again. So, what is the best way to start the new decade? Have an amazing New Year’s party! Gather all your friends together, play some fun games, dance to music, and get ready to ring in the new year. Ever wondered who is the worst at karaoke? New Year’s is the perfect time to find out.

What are some of South Lyon student’s plans? Most of our students here plan to hang out with their best friends. “For New Year’s, I’m getting together with some close friends to celebrate the memories made in 2019, and eagerly anticipate the coming of 2020!” Senior Hannah Tucker said. “I write a bulleted list of things I want to accomplish in the New Year. Do I always follow through? No, but sometimes it helps!” Tucker added, “[On] New Year’s Eve, I celebrate by eating good food and hanging out with my friends to end the year on a happy note, no matter how the year turned out.”

Some students are going on trips, like senior Matt Baranek, who said, “My family and I are going to Chicago to go see Hamilton”, or senior Kaylie Stancato, who is travelling a little bit closer to home and is “going up north with [her] family to attend a New Year’s Eve party where [they] play games and have a big meal.” New Year’s is the perfect time to get friends and family together to do fun things like preparing a big meal to help close out the last year of the 2010s. Games can bring everyone closer together and also help the time pass as we all eagerly wait for the clock to strike midnight, welcoming the New Year. 

What are your plans to bring in the new year of 2020? Time to bust out the sparkling grape juice and make your resolution lists, because this year is going to be one to remember. 


Photo courtesy Julienne Schaer

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