Put down the cookies and pick up a cleaner diet for winter

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, Student Life Editor

As the winter holidays begin to roll around the corner, our typical eating habits seem to be neglected. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, it becomes much easier to eat a little extra without noticing how much food or what kind of food is actually going into one’s body. It is easier to eat more food, mostly unhealthy snacks, in the winter because we tend to get outside less and are often less active in the colder weather. Although it is tempting to sneak a few cookies every night, it is important to try to maintain healthy eating habits this winter.

When it comes to holiday meals, the healthiest foods are most likely not served at your normal family function. Eating well while still eating healthy does not have to be as hard as it may seem. Try spicing up your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners with a few more vegetables, or maybe your favorite foods, just without the extra calories. Healthy foods have the stereotype of being tasteless and un-appetizing; however, eating healthy can taste just as good, but give you better results for your body overall. More nutritious plates this holiday season will keep you fit as we enter the new year.

Those who may struggle with these temptations have a hard time keeping steady eating routines as well as keeping their plates nutritious. Junior Emma O’Connell said, “During Thanksgiving with my family, we had a variety of foods, both healthy and not. However, I was far more interested in the desserts than the actual Thanksgiving meal.” As the holidays present themselves more and more this winter, we need to realize how much we are putting into our bodies, and of that, what could we delete from our diets.

There are many vegan and vegetarian alternatives as well as lighter, cleaner meal options. Eating healthy does not mean changing your everyday eating habits, just tweaking them to a suitable amount for your preference. It is easy to stay fit in ways as simple as portioning your meals, adding some greens to your plate, or not snacking in-between meals. The website Food Doctor said, “Chances are, after filling up on all that healthy food, you won’t be too hungry. You’ll be better able to resist the casseroles and gravies that looked so good at first.” Websites like Food Network offer recipes for healthier holiday dishes and easy meals to pass during your family get togethers.

Eating healthy is not a punishment, but a new beginning in order to enter the new year with a smile and a healthier body. This Christmas season, push yourself and the people around you to put down the cookies and establish cleaner, healthier ways to spice up your holiday meals.

Photo courtesy of The Healthy Hunter

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