Embracing the cold and making the most of it

Kendyle Laesch ‘22, Photo Editor

When it comes to ranking seasons, summer almost always ranks as number one, with winter normally being the least favorite season. This makes sense, given that most people are more fond of the heat rather than the cold.

Of course, you cannot look past all of the many cons that come with winter, such as icy windshields and the mountains of snow eagerly waiting to be shoveled; however, there are a ton of fun activities tailored for the winter.

One thing you cannot do in any of the other seasons besides winter is have snowball fights, for obvious reasons. Sophomore Andrew Brenner is very fond of winter for this specific activity. Brenner said, “My favorite activity has to be snowball fights, because there is so much you can do with the snow, and after I get to drink hot chocolate.” Instead of grieving over the cold from the snow, roll it into balls and fire away!

While launching the snow is a valid option, you can also take time to admire the glistening snow. Sophomore Bella Rose certainly enjoys this given that her favorite winter activity is watching the snowfall. Snow comes and goes, so be sure to appreciate it when it is here because you never know when the next time it will come.

Another activity that you can enjoy in the cold is ice skating. Whether you are good or bad at ice skating, it is still enjoyable, especially with friends. Ice skating is said to be sophomore Maya Katsuda’s favorite activity to do in the winter, and many other people’s favorite, too. 

Winter always has a bad reputation, but that is only because people do not explore the opportunities for fun you could have in the cold. There are many more things to do in the winter other than the ones listed above, like sledding, building snowmen, snowboarding, skiing, and more. 

Even though summer, fall, and spring are all great, just remember that winter can be just as enjoyable. It is more than just low temperatures and icy roads; winter also means thrill, fun, and excitement.


Photo by Emily Roelant

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