Disney +: taking the hearts of all, one episode at a time

Derek Jambor ’20, News Editor

The world of Disney has grown exponentially throughout the past ten years. With Disney now owning the Marvel and Star Wars cinematic universes they have now become one of the most powerful industries the world has ever seen. On Nov. 12 Disney released its new streaming service Disney+ which consists of all of Disney produced movies, T.V shows, and additional short shows only available on the streaming service such as The Mandalorian. It also consists of all Marvel and Star Wars movies and shows. The students at South Lyon High School have developed a major interest in the new streaming service so I went around and got their take on how they feel about the new addition to our eyes. 

Senior Mitch Komorous said, “I really like Disney +  and the shows that it offers. It was a cheap purchase that came with HULU and ESPN+. I enjoy watching almost everything that it comes with.” If you purchase Disney +, it comes with those two additional streaming services for only $6.99. It is a revolutionary idea that will continue to spread across the world.

Junior Evan DeFrank said, “I have not yet invested in Disney + but after the holidays I think I will. I have heard nothing but good things about it so why not give it a shot.” Many students have yet to buy the service yet due to the lacking availability of it. Xfinity X1 does not yet offer Disney Plus and that is quite possibly the main cable service so it is difficult for people to make the purchase. Freshman Tommy Donovan said, “I really want Disney + but X1 does not allow me to get it. I am hoping that soon they will give their customers the option to buy it.” It is likely that if they do not then the users will unsubscribe from X1 and other cable services if they do not give their users the option. 

Disney + is quite possibly one of the best streaming services the world has seen, and the students at SLHS think so as well. Hopefully one day, it will be available to all so we can enjoy watching even more new and historic Disney with the ones we love. 


Photo by Lily Koller

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