Days of December

Ashley Barber ‘20, Business Ad Manager

Dec. 1- Eat a Red Apple Day:

 Apples are delicious and nutritious. Change your typical eating habits today, and try an apple, instead of eating junk food.


Dec. 2- National Fritters Day:

A fritter is a fried cake or dough with fruit or meat inside of it. Enjoy a savory or sweet fritter to your liking. 


Dec. 3- National Roof over your Head Day:

Today is a day to appreciate the important things we often take for granted. To most of us, a roof over our head is a place that protects us from the elements; it is warm, cozy, and dry. After all, everybody is not as lucky as us, and there are many people in the world who live in poverty and do not have a home to keep them safe and comfortable. Always be thankful for what you have in your life. 


Dec. 4- Santa’s List Day:

Have you been naughty or nice? The elves are going around and checking on all the children today. Santa has a big list of all the kids. There are many kids who have been really good, and then there are a few that have been naughty.  

Dec. 5- Bathtub Party Day:

Fill up your tub with some warm water, add a few bath oils, and jump in. Enjoy your time relaxing and soaking in the nice warm water. Don’t let anything distract you; take this time to have peace and quiet. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy!


Dec. 6- Put Your Own Shoes On Day:

No one has an answer on why this is a thing. Perhaps it is to teach little kids how to be more independent, or maybe it is just a way to make us feel accomplished in our everyday tasks.


Dec. 7- Letter Writing Day:

When is the last time you took a minute and hand wrote something to someone? Take a few minutes and write someone a letter today. Send it to a friend, loved one, or just whoever is on your mind.


Dec. 8- National Brownie Day:

Find your favorite brownie recipe, bake a batch, and enjoy, you can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but do not forget the glass of milk. 


Dec. 9- Christmas Card Day:

A few decades ago sending Christmas cards was a necessity. But over time, it has been slowly fading. Take a few minutes and grab some cards to send to your loved ones. 


Dec. 10- Human Rights Day:

This was created by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of human rights. Take a few minutes to learn about your rights and then go and talk about what you learned to someone else. 


Dec. 11- International Mountain Day: 

Mountains are a really neat geological feature. The mountains show proof that major changes have happened to the earth’s surface. Today go try to climb a mountain or clean up a national preserve. 


Dec. 12- National Poinsettia Day:

This day is a symbol of Christmas. A poinsettia is a beautiful flower that comes in many different colors, but most of the time is a pink color. This holiday was declared by Congress and is in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett who was once a part of the United States House of Representatives. He passed away on Dec. 12, 1851.


Dec. 13- National Ice Cream Day:

Ice cream is actually nutritious. Even though it has lots of calories and sugar, it is made with milk and that has healthy vitamins and minerals. Enjoy your favorite ice cream today whether that be chocolate or cookie dough flavored. 


Dec. 14- International Monkey Day:

This is not a day to monkey around. But on a side note, did you know there are over 260 species of monkeys?


Dec. 15- National Lemon Cupcake Day:

Pucker up your lips and get ready to bite into a tart lemon cupcake. Not everyone likes lemon, but those who do will enjoy this holiday. Buy or make some lemon cupcakes today.


Dec. 16- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day:

This is the perfect time of the year to eat chocolate. Pour, spread, or drizzle chocolate over cakes, pancakes, pies, waffles, raisins, or whatever you want. Indulge in some yummy chocolate covered food!


Dec. 17- National Maple Syrup Day:

Today is a wonderful day to sit and enjoy some maple syrup. The American Indians were the first to harvest and boil the sap from the maple tree into a thick syrup. Sit back and eat some hot, delicious pancakes drizzled in syrup on them. 


Dec. 18- Bake Cookies Day:

Plan on making some cookies today. Try a new recipe … or two! This is right before the holidays, so it is a great time to make some festive cookies. People young and old use this day to bake their favorite cookie. Wrap them up in a tin and give them to friends and family or take them to work. 


Dec. 19- Oatmeal Muffin Day:

Start off by enjoying your morning with a cholesterol lowering oatmeal muffin. The best part is that they taste good and are healthy. Go home and bake some healthy oatmeal muffins.


Dec. 20- Go Caroling Day:

Christmas caroling is a great way to make memories and get in the holiday spirit. Although this was more popular many decades ago, it still remains very popular. Go around and carol with your friends and family at nursing homes or senior citizen centers. 


Dec. 21- National Flashlight Day:

Don’t be left in the dark. Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, which means it stays dark for the longest amount of time. Find a flashlight and some batteries and do anything you want like making shadow puppets or playing hide and seek in the dark.


Dec. 22- National Date Nut Bread Day:

Enjoy some tasty date nut bread this season. It contains nuts and sugar and is very healthy. Make many loaves because just one is not going to last you a very long time. 


Dec. 23- Roots Day:

As the holiday season is around the corner, many of us are going to return back to our roots. Celebrate this day by learning more about your family tree and history. 


Dec. 24- National Egg Nog Day:

This day only comes once a year. This  delicious holiday drink comes out right before Thanksgiving and is available until the new year. Sit around your tree with your family on Christmas Eve and enjoy some tasty egg nog before going to bed.


Dec. 25- Christmas Day:

This is the most important holiday of the year. Christmas has both a strong religious feeling and tradition attached to it. Most people come home for Christmas and it is a time for giving and spending time with family. This is the one time of the year people come together to be generous and give gifts to other people. 


Dec. 26- Boxing Day:

This is a legal holiday in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries. On this day, people get to fill a box with food and fruits and take it to churches. The churches then take it to the people in need. Most of the time this falls on the following Monday after Christmas. 


Dec. 27- Make Cut Out Snowflake Day: 

Show off your crafty skills and make some cut-out snowflakes. This is an easy and fun craft for kids, but you do not have to be a kid to make a cut-out snowflake!


Dec. 28- Card Playing Day:

This is the perfect time to spend an hour with your family and friends. Sit down and play your favorite card game. The holiday season is finally over, so you can sit back and relax. The kids are starting to get bored of their new toys and are looking for something new to do, so take some time and play a game with your kids.


Dec. 29- Pepper Pot Day:

Today marks the creation of thick, spicy soup. The soup was served to the Continental Army during the cold, harsh winter of 1777-1778. The soup was made with scraps of tripe, meat, and peppercorn. This soup was called “the soup that won the war.” Try it out! You can even substitute the tripe with chicken or beef if you would like. 


Dec. 30- International Bacon Day:

Start off your day with some bacon and eggs. Have a BLT for lunch with extra bacon on it and a bacon burger for dinner. Today is an excuse to eat as much bacon as you can. Everything’s ultimately better with bacon.


Dec. 31st- New Year’s Eve:

Today is the last day of the year; it is a time to look back at all the new memories and just relax and eat food with friends and family. Everyone huddles around the T.V. and waits for the ball to drop, and the New Year is about to begin.


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