Audiences are over the moon for Moon Over Buffalo

Mackenzie Pagels ‘21, Student Life Editor

The South Lyon High School Theatre recently presented audiences the show of a lifetime on Nov. 14-17– a crazy comedic fall play titled Moon Over Buffalo. The play was put on by cast, crew and director Brit Connors after months of hard work and dedication. With the performances came great effort and many long rehearsals, which helped fulfill the expectations the cast had from the start.

Moon Over Buffalo focuses on a group of Broadway stars in Buffalo, New York who attempt to advance in their acting careers while having mishaps along the way. The cast consisted of three main characters: George Hay, played by senior Nick Smathers, Charlotte Hay, played by senior Marina McMahon; and Rosalind, played by junior Cassidy Lynn. Smathers explained that he had a blast with this performance; however, it was “no walk in the park!” He said, “sword fighting, somersaults, drunken dancing, crawling, collapsing, you name it! It made for an amazing period of preparation and a great final four shows!” 

The show revealed many emotions the cast never knew they had, and allowed for lifelong memories to be made with the theatre group. They met their standards of displaying an amazing show for the audience of many students, parents, and families. Stage manager and senior Amanda Liss said “I would say it exceeded my expectations for opening night. There were no mishaps and even though the audience was not overly responsive like most opening nights, the actors did really well.” Senior Eliza Rhodes, who attended the play said, “I loved the laughter that the play brought to the audience. The actors did an outstanding job.” The fall play never had a dull moment according to the actors and members of the audience. 

Overall, the cast was very proud to bring the Ken Ludwig play to South Lyon in order to make their experience worth more than words.


Photo by Kayla Lambert

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