SL Boys take on districts

Ashley Barber ‘20, Business/Ad Manager 

The South Lyon Varsity Football Team stayed strong and positive as they started approaching towards playoffs, holding onto their 9-1 record this season. While preparing themselves for a new challenge, the boys persevered through the season and worked to their full potential. Although they went against some tough teams, the boys still managed to stay on top of their game. 

With Connor Fracassi starting off the mid September game, the Lions took on a challenging competitor, that being Lakeland. Since the boys were away, the student section made sure to deck out in their best neon attire to cheer on their well loved Lions. With the ending score being 18-17, the Lions were ecstatic with a win. As Senior Ben Cesar had said, “My favorite memory was the game against Lakeland, and I am really going to miss the coaches and playing high school football.” Although it was a difficult game, the boys were still able to come up on top.

With 24 seniors leaving this year, the upcoming team may have a tough beginning season next year as they try to maneuver around without the leadership of the other boys, but as the season moves a long, new leaders will step up and the others will follow. With the power and endurance from the next lineup of boys, they’ll be able to accomplish as much as they did this year. Nothing is going to get in the way of the South Lyon Lions.

The lions worked and headed towards districts on November 1st. As they took on Fenton they were leading in the first half. The boys came back strong and worked hard to win, but they lost 31-28. The boys tried to do everything they could to come back. However, all there passes were incomplete or intercepted. 

Overall, the team had a great season this year and worked hard to achieve their goals. Although the seniors are sad to say goodbye to a team they’ve dedicated their last four years of high school, they will be able to cherish the memories for a lifetime.


Photo by Mrs. Emily Kane

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