The rivalry of the year

Paige Bunker ‘20, LyonLife Editor-in-Chief

Pull out your tailgating gear and get ready for the big day. On Nov. 16, the game we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Across the state, fans will pull out their school colors as rivals MSU and UofM square off in one of the most anticipated football games of the year. It is a rivalry that causes a rift between even the closest of friends and families, and there is no doubt that the divide is strong here at SLHS. Let us take a look at what SL students and staff are planning for game day: 


Just as many other Michigan State fans are planning to get together for the big game, senior Tyler Michaels is looking forward to spending game day “with the boys” at his house. It is not uncommon to celebrate game day with family recipes and food traditions that are sometimes just as important as the game itself. For Michaels, game day means eating his dad’s famous chili, and senior Kendra Blackie even admits that it is not game day unless there are walking tacos. Our teachers are getting just as excited for these fun game day food traditions. Alumni and Spartan Mrs. Colleen Crowell said she is looking forward to eating “all of the food that [her] stomach can stand” as she hops between a few different tailgates to visit friends. These SL MSU fans must fill up before they root on their beloved Spartans!


On the other side of this strong rivalry, our Wolverine fans are pulling out their maize and blue for the upcoming game. Senior Grant Fish is going to a big tailgate before the game with his friends and family and is watching the game in the stands. Junior Olivia Luke also plans to cheer on the Wolverines from her season-pass seats in the Big House. As for devoted Michigan fan Mrs. Meghan Wagner, though she usually goes to the game, she plans to “be watching the game on [her] phone” this year because of prior obligations. Other Wolverine fans like her are ready to defeat the circumstances just to cheer on their favorite football players. 

Door Decorating 

To celebrate the strong divide here at SL, on Nov. 6, NHS students decorated the doors of teachers with grand posters to display their team loyalties. In regards to this annual decorating event, NHS officer and senior Matt Wood said, “Teachers are able to show support of their college by getting their doors decorated while students get to show off their artistic skills all for a good cause.” There is nothing like some fun competition to bring a little color and excitement to the hallways of SLHS.

Whether it is through game day traditions or school-wide flair, it is not hard to see the rival spirit that fills the hearts of students for the MSU and UofM match-up. So put on those school colors and pick your sides to join in with the competitive energy that fills our school, our city, and our state for the widely-anticipated football game of the year.


Photo by Kendyl Laesch

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