The best of the worst horror movies

Abigail Tobis ‘20, Editor-in-Chief 

Do you ever watch a movie that is so bad, but yet so entertaining that you cannot stop watching? This happens with many a horror flicks. The horror genre contains a vast collection of films, and a lot of those in the genre are considered to be of the best movies of all time. The real underdogs, though, are the movies in which love to watch simply because of how they are, and this turns these scary films comical. Here is a list of some of the best of the worst horror movies ever made. 


The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

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This horror movie combines the elements of poor special effects and acting with a comedic value, making it a perfect addition to the list. The film follows a warehouse owner, two employees, a mortician, a group of teenagers, and brain-hungry zombies. It is known for introducing the concept of eating a brain instead of eating the flesh. Since this movie, there have been four sequels and it has been described as a ‘cult classic.’ If you are looking for a comedy with some jump scares and a soundtrack including many popular punk rock bands, then this is the movie for you. 


Troll 2 (1990)

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Having no connection to the original 1986 film, Troll, the movie Troll 2 was originally produced under the name Goblins, but due to the fact that the producers thought that it was not going to do well on its own, they renamed it to gain audience attention. The movie follows a family who is being chased by goblins with the goal to eat them. “This movie confused me a lot, but I could not stop watching it,” senior Sierra Steckle said. The movie did not do well until years later when the comedic value made it popular and was named one of the ‘best worst movies ever,’ which is reason enough to watch. 


Cujo (1983)

This famously bad movie surrounds a St. Bernard who traps a mother and child inside the car. They are forced to try and survive in a heat wave without any food or water. Receiving mixed reviews, the film throughout the years has gained a cult following. Linda Gross from the Los Angeles Times said, “no theater is air conditioned enough to justify watching this scary, gory, and beastly movie.” From a cinematic perspective, this movie was not an award winner, but the poor quality is exactly what makes the movie a great contender for one of the best, worst movies.


Jaws 3-D (1983) 

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Although this may be considered more of a thriller than a horror movie, it has some jump scares and is considered one of the best, worst movies, and for that needs to be on the list. The film takes place at SeaWorld in Florida where a great white shark gets in and starts killing all of the park’s employees. The poor acting and graphics is what makes this movie so entertaining to watch. Many criticized the movie for its plot, or lack thereof. This truly bad thriller that received a ten percent on rotten tomatoes, is a great combination of bad acting and poor quality, making it a perfect movie experience.


Throughout history, there have been a lot of horror movies produced. Some were good, many were bad. Sometimes though, there are movies that are just so bad that they are good. If you are looking for a comedic horror movie to watch this spooky season, this is the perfect list for you. 

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