SL girls take on football

Ashley Barber ‘20, Business/Ad Manager 

Homecoming week is a very exciting time that brings students together. At the end of the week, on Friday night, we have a football game. However, the team consists of all boys. When speaking to many of the girls at school, they will tell you that they wish that we could have a girls powder puff team. This would be a positive way for the girls to get together and would also be beneficial for communication and bonding. Powder puff would be something different for the guys; they would be able to coach in order to experience the game like the rest of us.

At South Lyon, we have many talented girls who would be great at powder puff and would be willing to play the game. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you do not get to do all the time. Some people may really enjoy something like this, but many might think that girls should not be able to play football. Many people might even argue over the fact if girls should be able to play football. 

According to the coach of a girls’ powder puff team, Terry Spencer, at Jupiter High in Florida, he stated, “The boys get to dress as cheerleaders as the girls are in the football outfits.” He continued on to say ,” We raised 7,000 dollars towards cancer last year, and they have been doing this for around 50 years. “This seems to be something that many students at South Lyon would enjoy doing. 

Talking with a group of senior girls, Alexis Bonk, Cassidy Ward, Josey Blades, and Allison Koesler, they said, “Having a Powder puff team at South Lyon would be really fun and something that many girls might want to try.” The girls continued on to say ¨I wish we had something like this, or we could start something like this.¨  

Going back to what coach Spencer did we use the money from this event to give to a charity. Many of the students and parents would want to come to an event like this to support our girls. This also might open up new opportunities like, meeting new people, trying something new, or just having fun with each other. We would do this once a year around our homecoming game and we would all get together at the beginning of  the school year to start practicing. Teams would probably practice once or twice a week. 

Some of the boys can coach the team and the rest can be the cheerleaders. This would be something fun for the students, and also can be entertaining for our parents and teachers, along with the students. Let’s come together South Lyon and start a powder puff team. 

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