Seniors’ favorite subject

Nicole Bolla ‘20 Opinion Editor

With the falling of the leaves brings school, and with school comes another year of new teachers, new concepts, and most of all, new classes. For seniors, it is their 12th year doing this all over again, so for all you juniors unsure of what classes you want to take your senior year, a survey taken by a portion of the class of 2020 is here to tell you which common core class is the most liked, and which is the least..

 Out of 51 seniors, 10 picked math as their favorite, 10 picked science, 14 picked social studies, and a whopping 17 picked English. According to the survey, seniors like English so much because of the concepts discussed; out of the 17 students that picked English as their favorite, some found it interesting because of the particular teaching method while others enjoyed it purely because it was easy for them to understand. The overwhelming majority said the class was their favorite because of the matters discussed in class. Obviously, this year’s seniors are fairly interested in their English classes, but why is that?

 In math and science, there is one problem and one way to get a solution, and there is no other angle to examine the subject matter from. In English, discussions and debates take place over various art forms and themes from different points of view. It challenges students to think outside the box and look at things in a new way. Senior Josey Blades enjoys learning about cinematography in her Film as Literature class because it creates a unique and interesting narrative that has not yet been explored by students at this school. “It involves many cool aspects of photography and creativity,” Blades said.“I never would have thought about these things while watching a movie before.”  This sentiment seems to be shared by senior Bailey LaChance who enjoys her English class for the same reasons. “It’s just very non-traditional,” LaChance remarked.

Whether it is discussing new possibilities, examining the  reasons behind a character’s thoughts and actions, or pushing the boundaries of students’ thinking skills, it is clear that one of the best liked subject by this year’s seniors is English for its engaging subject matter and endless debatability.

Photo by Kendyl Laesch

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