Freshman navigate their way

Lizzie Hanson ‘23, Freelance Writer

The experience of being a freshman is definitely something to remember, but also somewhat of a challenge. We have to adjust to a new school as the youngest of the grades and try to make the most out of the last four years we have until we have to experience the real world and what it has to offer. These are only a few things about what it’s like to be a freshman at SLHS. The list keeps on going. 

 Making the transition from middle school to high school is not as scary as people think. What we see in movies is completely different from reality, so you will do just fine. There are LINK crew members to help out us freshman and answer any questions we might have. LINK crew is very similar to WEB, which is what we had in middle school for incoming sixth graders. They are friendly and are there to help make the transition as easy as possible. “I chose to be a link leader to help the freshmen transition into high school and make them aware of things that I wish I knew about coming into high school,” link leader Shannon Richardson said. People have the ability to see inside the school the week before our first day in September, to make finding classes on the first day a breeze. “On my first day, I got lost multiple times and kept asking for directions. The teachers were really nice about it and were super helpful. Overall, it was great,” freshman Brooklyn Borg said.

Furthermore, there are amazing teachers and staff members at SLHS. Like the LINK members, the teachers are also there to help ninth graders make the transition to high school as smooth as possible. “I had a lot of questions about highschool, so I’m glad I had the LINK leaders there to help answer all of them. They are so nice and definitely made me less nervous about the first day,” freshman Anessa Hanson said.

While being a freshman in high school, you learn that there is a lot more freedom than middle school. For example, highschool is more lenient on dress code and the usage of phones.  This just means we are getting older and gaining more trust in making our own decisions. With trust, we learn how to act properly and manage time wisely. In addition with freedom comes more responsibility. Sure we get to use our phones, but that doesn’t mean that teachers couldn’t take them away from us. “ One thing that can be really helpful is setting aside some time each night for each class to study and/or work on homework. It’s also important to give yourself breaks when studying. Another thing that I would say is important for the freshman experience is to get involved in the school community. Getting involved in after school activities/clubs, sports, or volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and learn more about your own interests,” Counselor Ms. Barber said.

In all, the concept of highschool and being a freshman is not as scary as it looks. It is similar to sixth grade- you have people there to help you, there is a lot more freedom, and being older means more responsibilities. In the end, the freshman experience is something you will remember forever.

Photo by Lizzie Hanson

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