Multiples of the Senior class at SLHS

Stephanie Kalinowski ’19, Student Life Editor

Being a triplet or a part of a multiple can make you feel different or unique. Speaking from experience, I honestly forget that I am a triplet sometimes because I am just used to it. People always ask, “What is it like to share a birthday with two of your siblings?” or “What’s it like to have siblings that are the same age as you.” Most people in a multiple would answer that it is “not that different” or “It feels normal.”

The chances of having triplets are 1 in every 1000 birth; however, twins are a little more common with 5 in every 1000 births are twins. At South Lyon High School we have a few sets of multiples that we would like to shed a light on.

There is one set of triplets in the senior class, and I ironically am in the trio. Again, I can speak for all three of us when I say that being a triplet to us does not feel that different. Senior Emily Kalinowski said, “We all grew up taking the same classes, so it becomes very helpful for homework.” and “Stephanie and I have been playing volleyball together for as long as I can remember, it is always nice to have someone down to pepper all the time.”

Seniors Danielle and David Booth are really well known for how close their twin- relationship is. Growing up together, David would come to Danielle’s volleyball practices and get a couple reps in during the church league in Middle School. “It is kinda funny because during gym class everybody was so shocked that David was actually good at volleyball, but then they remembered we were siblings so it made sense,” said Danielle.

Seniors Nick and Nate Koenig are also twins at SLHS. It is ironic because everybody thinks they have opposite personalities even though they are twins. Senior Molly Mackey said, “Nate is more loud than Nick is, but they still act pretty much the same.”

With the chances of having multiples are so rare, it is interesting to see so many sets of multiples in just the senior class at SLHS. Twins and Triplets can always grow up to be very close or become distant with each other, but at least you will always know you have someone who always has your back.

Photo courtesy of The Forever Years

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