Easter Bunny should not be enforced by parents

Stephanie Kalinowski ’19, Student Life Editor

One of the things that bothers me most in this world is when I am talking to a younger kid and they start talking about Santa delivering presents to them on Christmas or the Easter Bunny coming for a visit on Easter. It honestly does not make any sense why we even have little kids believe in these fake holiday idols, because those kids always end up finding out that it was all a lie.

From personal experience, I found out before all my friends that the Easter Bunny is not real and I think that left some damage on me. That was a joke, but I could have gone without getting my hopes up my whole childhood and then finding out the truth and having my whole world feel like it went upside down. The reveal is different for everybody, some kids it does not phase them, while others it is a bigger deal to them. Senior Omar Hernandez agreed and said, “The Easter Bunny honestly scares me and I do not see the point of having kids believe in it.”

These mythical creatures like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy make no sense. Who decided one day, “Hmm, I want kids to believe in something that is not real and think that every time you lose a tooth a fairy flies into your bedroom and gives you money for it.” That is kinda stealing, and creepy. How do the fairies know where you live? Stalk much? Junior Maddy Peters said, “When I was younger, I lost a couple of my teeth, and I was more scared of the tooth fairy than the process of pulling out that tooth.”

Kids that do end up believing in the made up characters for too long, can end up getting bullied and be made fun of. There is no point to have children believe in these silly made up characters, it only causes negative things.

Photo courtesy of Patch

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