20 years after Columbine and nothing has changed

Alyssa Duff ’19, Website Editor-in-Chief

It has now been 20 years since 12 students and one teacher were brutally murdered inside Columbine High School located in Colorado.

As the epidemic of school shootings continues to grow, especially in the year of 2018,  it may appear that nothing really has been done to stop them.

After the shooting, a memorial for the victims was created behind Columbine High School. Within this memorial, there are bricks with quotes from those who survived. “This should never happen to anyone else,” one reads. Yet, according to ABC News there have been 270 since.

While many schools have implemented security such as showing ID’s when entering the building, the truth is that majority of school shooters attend the school in which they commit the horrendous crime at.

Last year, the Parkland shooting took place, leaving 17 people dead at a way too young age. Many students testified that he would shoot through the windows of the doors instead of going into the classroom. But the conversation of putting bullet proof glass in those windows almost seems nonexistent.

Often schools focus on providing safety measures that may not work, but will provide peace of mind for the students and their parents. It is time to start implementing safety measures that are practical and can possibly stop the mass school shootings that are all too common.

At the heart of this problem is politicians. However, they seem to be unwilling to listen to the wants of those who are affected the most by decisions made—the students.

When you have politicians looking at survivors of school shootings and making it apparent that they are unwilling to listen because they are “16 years old and do not know anything,” there is a problem.

It is time to start listening to the students and the survivors because it is time to make a change, and they are the ones who know the most even if they are young.

Photo courtesy of History.com

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