Will the Seniors make it to Graduation?

Paulina swain ’19, Social Media Manager

This school year is nearing an end for the class of 2019 seniors at South Lyon High School. With barely any motivation left to finish the year off strong, you won’t catch a lot of seniors in the desks during class.

From their school absences, to the little effort being put into their work, if any at all, to the teachers both trying to help while they are also getting slightly annoyed, there is not much hope left for the seniors.

“Senioritis got hard this season, honestly since the beginning of the year we all have felt it, but as soon as we all get back from spring break I know that it is going to be bad for a lot of people.” Senior Chloe Grimes said.

Some teachers feel bad while some just get annoyed at the lack of effort being put into the last few weeks of their high school education.

“After coming back from spring break we are all bound to not be trying as hard, because we all want the last few weeks to go by fast, but we all know it is going to feel so slow” senior Nick Armstead said.

The motivation is slowing dropping in our senior class, and our staff is not only conerned in them, but how the underclassmen will look up to each senior.

“The lack of effort and lack of attendence is being shown and going to begin to rub off on the juniors and even sophmores. Juniors become just like the seniors towards the end of the year and soon enough there will not be many kids in my class, especially after spring break.” Mr.Klebba said.

As the school year nears the end, motivate your peers and encourgae them to push through the last couple of weeks, before we are all free from high school forever.

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