Where will the path lead our senior this fall?

Stevie Macgregor ’19,  News Editor

Senior year is coming to a close. With each end comes a new beginning, whether students choose to go to college, trade school, or take a different route. Let us explore the many different options seniors are planning on pursuing.

Matt Sherry- Matt plans to attend Michigan State University to study pre-med. He plans on rooming with fellow senior Cameron Holmes. Matt chose MSU because he really likes their pre-med program. Another factor that played into his decision was family history Sherry said, “I was raised in a Spartan house”.

Luke Gomori- Luke is planning on attending Grand Valley State University in the fall. He chose GVSU because he was blown away when he took a tour of the campus and a lot of his friends were planning on going, too. Luke will study finance at Grand Valley and wants to take his time there as an experience, but after two years there he plans to transfer to U of M.

Evelyn Arnold- In the fall, Evelyn plans on attending the University of Kentucky. She wanted to go off the beaten path for college because she wanted to experience new people and places. In her mind, she wants to meet a “hot southern boy” down in Kentucky. She is going to study pre-med with hopes of becoming a doctor.

Zac Conforti- Zac will attend Western Michigan University in the fall. He chose WMU because of its excellent business school as he wants to pursue something in the business field. He enjoyed the “pedestrian friendly” feel of the campus and thinks it will be easy to have a great time.

Lauren Dewitt- Lauren plans to go to Central Michigan University this fall. She is continuing the family legacy as both of her brothers also went to CMU. She hopes to pursue her passion as a teacher, and she believes that CMU is the best avenue for her.

Rylee McDermott- Rylee will attend the University of Michigan this fall. She chose UofM for its great medical school as she hopes to become a doctor later in life. Another quality of Michigan that she liked, was the campus, as it  had so many things to do.

Photo courtesy of University of Rochester

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