Summer is the best season; prove me wrong

Abigail Tobis ’20, Editor-in-Chief

Warm weather, sunny skies, and laying out in the sun. What could possibly be is terrible about that? There is a very simple answer: nothing. Summer is by far the best season. If you just look at the fact that there are many more activities that you can do when it comes to summer versus winter. Summer offers so much more than any other season alone.

The psychological aspect alone summer knocks the other seasons out of the park. Seasonal affective disorder is one example of this. This is the idea that in the winter and fall seasons that there is an increase in depression due to the fact that there is a decrease in the amount of light that you are exposed to especially in northern parts of the world. In the winter you are typically inside more than you are in the summer and there is a decrease in the exposure to light and you are receiving less vitamin-D. This causes an increase in depression and can even lead to alcoholism, drug use, and can even self harm. To treat this it would require light therapy. In the summer this disorder is not common. This fact alone proves that summer is better when you are considering mental health.

If you also take in the activities that you are able to do in the summer versus the activities that you are able to accomplish in the winter, you will see a major difference. Things like riding your bike, going for walks, going to the park, going to the beach and much more is what makes the summer so special. In the winter, you are just out in the cold snow, being forced to wear a large winter coat and gloves. Junior Emily Vitale said, “Summer is the best season because you can go outside barefoot and you have more leisure time.”

One of the main arguments that makes the summer so much better than the winter is driving. Simply put, driving in the winter is extremely more dangerous. According to Safe Winter Roads, “Every year, nearly 900 people are killed and nearly 76,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes during snowfall or sleet.” In the summer, these statistics are significantly lower. The only thing that you have to worry about in the summer is the rain. In the winter you have to worry about snow, hail, and black ice.

Summer reigns as the best season. If you do not like going outside, hanging out with your friends, enjoying the sun, then winter is the season for you. But, if you do love all these things as well as not going to school, then summer is the best.

Photo courtesy of Costal Living

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