Seniors reminisce over their favorite teachers

Noah DeSantis ’19, Managing Editor and Thomas Chavez ‘19, Managing Editor

With not much time left in the school year, the seniors start to reminisce on their favorite classes, memories, and sometimes even their most embarrassing moments. For some students, their most memorable part of high school are the teachers themselves. They play a huge role in determining how our years of school go and teach us life lessons for the future. Let us see which teachers have had the biggest impact on the seniors.

Mr. O’Dowd (English)
Sam Macchiarolo: “I really like his personality. He’s really funny, and I enjoy talking to him. He does a really good job making his classes interesting and engaging.”

Mr. Moyski (Math)
Brian Plohetski: “Just because he’s a great guy. I love what he did for me.”

Mr. Sayraf (Math)
Andy Hendrie: “I like that he tries to explain why stuff works and the application of it into different subjects. Also jolly ranchers.”

Mrs. Hoffman (English)
Douglas McClure: “She’s really funny and smart.”


Mr. DiVitto (History)

Katelyn Barton: “He’s super nice and super sweet, he cares and likes to hear about what’s going on outside of school, and he’s funny”

Mr. Davis (Econ)
Kate Riha: “He helped me out in junior year, and pushed me to explore criminal justice.”

Mrs. Mullins/Kane (TV)

Matt Blackwell: “She’s really nice, and she is always able to make her classes enjoyable to be a part of.”

Mrs. McCloskey (Accounting)

Brian Demski: “She is always there for the students and makes sure that we never fall behind in class.”

Mr. Schroudt (Econ)

Ian Gesler: “I think he’s really good at relating with the students, and getting along with them.”

The teachers of of SLHS have a huge part of student’s lives everyday. Teachers not only teach their required curriculum, but also teach life lessons inside and outside the classroom. It is nice to know that the teachers of SLHS play such a big role in students lives and can create long lasting memories that the students remember for a long time.

Photo courtesy of The Local Italy

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