NBA SuperTeams

Troy Brinkel’ 20, Sports Editor

The NBA is simply more exciting with super teams.

But first, what is a SuperTeam?

A superteam is a NBA team with more than two all-stars. Many people complain about the fact that super teams dominate so much that it makes the game boring to watch. The most common example of a super team is the Golden State Warriors who have appeared in the last four NBA finals and won three of them. The Warriors are absolutely stacked with players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Demarcus Cousins. Superteams make the NBA better by giving fans basketball at the highest level. When fans watch the sport, they don’t want to see one or two stars on a team. They want to see as many stars as possible because it is like watching a fantasy team in real life. Fans get to watch an unequaled basketball product and pour money into the league for it. The name recognition of this team gets more eyes on the league to see if anyone can contend with the Warriors. Or they get an audience to see what ridiculous achievement Durant, Curry, Thompson or Green will accomplish. Either way, people are paying attention to the NBA because Golden State is so good. Even Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James gave his support to super teams after being outed by the Warriors. “I think it is great. It is great for our league. Look at our TV ratings. Look at the money our league is pouring in. Guys are loving the game. Our fans love the game.”
Photo courtesy of USA Today

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