Derek Jambor ’20, Business/Ad Manager

For years the United States has been attempting to contain the use of drugs. The U.S.  leads all countries in overdoses, and the drug causing the most is heroin. Undeniably it is one of the most dangerous things on our planet is heroin, this drug is as lethal as they come. It is often used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effect. The reason for heroin being so dangerous is because of how addicting and cheap it is.

The fact is that some people just do not how to cope with certain life situations nowadays, and they turn to drugs or alcohol to try and help themselves. When people are introduced to heroin who are having problems or do not have as much money they can get sucked into it. Once people try this drug it is very hard for them to stop, this is what makes it so dangerous. People who use heroin often develop a tolerance for it meaning they need it more frequently and in more doses so they get the desired effects of it. Heroin addicts often experience withdrawals which can take place within a few hours after it has been released into the body. Some of these symptoms include: sleep problems, goosebumps or cold flashes, and uncontrollable movements. An anonymous person said “My moms friend was addicted to heroin. It was hard to see her struggle because of all the damage it had done to her and her family.”

It is very easy for a person to overdose on heroin. Sometimes people producing heroin will lace fentanyl which is a deadly addictive chemical. Heroin laced with fentanyl is an almost guaranteed death sentence. They began to lace it with fentanyl so it could be sold cheaper. People who have low income and need it, do not have problems buying it anymore. The government has been trying to contain it from being sold, but with all the drugs coming in over the Mexican and Canadian borders it has been hard for them to manage.

Heroin is a very dangerous drug that has to be taken out of our country. The death rate skyrockets every year due to overdoses, and it is not going to change until laws can be put in place for so it is impossible for people to get their hands on it.
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