Tensions Between U.S and Russia Heat Up

Tristan Hughes ’19, Business & Ad Manager

Since the end of the second World War, relations between the United States and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) have not been the greatest. For roughly 45 years, the two superpowers engaged in an arms race and ideological battle known as the Cold War. During this time, the two nations backed different sides in small wars, such as the Vietnam War, competed in a race to space, and built vast numbers of nuclear weapons. This conflict reached its peak during the Cuban Missile Crisis when both sides were close to pulling the trigger on potential world obliteration.

Since 1971, both sides have been working to improve their diplomatic relations, but recently, tensions have been rising again. With the issues in Venezuela escalating, other nations are picking sides. The United States has decided to back Juan Guaido the interim president. Guaido claims that current president Nicolas Maduro had the election rigged in order to win. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo encouraged all nations to “support the Venezuelan people by recognizing interim president, Guido.” Russia, on the other hand backs current president Nicolas Maduro against claims of dictatorship. This is strikingly similar to previous wars that have pitted the two superpowers against each other.

In recent news, a cold war era treaty, which limited the ownership and construction of intermediate range missiles, is facing a possible expiration in 2021. As of the current date, the United States is refusing to resign the treaty. Upon recognition of this, a Russian State TV. program released a list of places that they would target in case of nuclear conflict with the United States. Although many experts see this as an empty threat, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said that he would not back down from a second Cold War-esque arms race. U.S. Under Secretary of State Andrea Thompson said, “We have until 2021… It’s a relatively simple treaty to extend, so we have time with that.” As the United States continues to avoid resigning the treaty, only time can tell as to how it will affect relations between Russia, and the U.S..

Photo courtesy of The Duren

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