South Lyon girls conquer prom

Caitlin Brooks `19, Contributing Into to Journalism Writer

You have seen countless movies and television shows that center around prom, you have sent numerous friends and family off, and you have longed for the chance to finally be able to experience yourself. It is an event that many girls have been waiting for almost over a decade to finally experience for themselves. This can lead many people to spend thousands of dollars on limousines, extravagant dresses and jewelry.

Prom season is thought to be in June, but in reality, it begins months in advance. The first  step of the process is the most crucial, and that is that is purchasing a prom dress. Many boutiques carry one of a kind dresses, so the earlier you look, the better your chances are to find the perfect dress. The hours spent trying on different dresses can be tedious, but very well maybe worth the wait. Finding the perfect dress to some is like finding your first love.

Senior Brieonna Posont has already started looking for her own unique designer dress, and she is accepting nothing less than perfect. “I want my dress to be very out there [Because if I am spending all of this money, I want to stand out]” Brie thinks of prom as a special event because “It is our last year to be with everyone [that we have grown up with] and it is the last time to go all out for yourself in high school. It is important to go all out for prom [because it is a moment we have waited out entire life for and we can not blow it]” Other seniors, however, like Elizabeth Milarch do not hold prom to such expectations. Milarch plans to have a low-key prom night and not draw much attention to herself. She wants to have the time of her life, but without standing out. Her dress is just as beautiful as many designer dresses, but more of Milarch’s simple style.

Besides the dress itself, there are many preparations that still need to be made. The day of prom will consist of many hair, makeup and nail appointments at beauty counters and salons all across town. Posont plans on having her makeup done at the Fenty Beauty counter in Sephora and her hair styled into an intricate design.

Last but not least, Plans for transportation also need to be made, but Posont is already on it. “A large group of my friends are renting a limo to take us to and from prom,” she added. Milarch wants her prom preparations to be centered around home and will have her dress altered by her grandmother, with her makeup done by other family members. She is splitting the cost of a limousine with her friends as well.

While the preparation before prom is important, so are the after-prom plans. The celebration of the completion of senior year continues in numerous parties of all kinds such as house parties, bonfires, or kick backs. Posont’s party preference is to go to a house party full of all her close and mutual friends, but Milarch would prefer to have a small kick back with those closest to her.

Everyone views prom differently and prepare for it in different ways. While some prefer to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars to make it what they have always imagined, others prefer to do so, but with less expensive items and makeup. At the end of the day, it does not matter how much money you invest, how spectacular your dress is, or what brand of makeup you are wearing. It matters instead that Prom is an individualized experience that will hold many memories down the line.

Photo courtesy of KingSport Times-News

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