Parking lot buffoonery— do’s and dont’s of the student lot

Marissa Radtke ’19, Layout Director

One of the most exciting moments of high school or growing up is getting your license. The freedom feels amazing and being able to drive you and your friend wherever you want is pure bliss. However, when you first start driving, it is more obvious that you are more prone to accidents and making dumb mistakes. Many people consider the student parking lot a dead zone. You have to be careful because all of us are fairly new drivers and we all are capable of making careless and dumb mistakes.

Over the past couple years of driving, I have only seen less than a handful of real accidents happen in the student lot. One of which happened to one of our own staff members, Stephanie Kalinowski. Stephanie was pulling out of the student lot, and she pulled out in front of a student. They were stopped at the light and all of sudden, Stephanie felt her whole car shake. She looked outside of her car and the student was already outside of his. “He looked really guilty.” Stephanie said. Thankfully, there was little to no damage on Kalinowski’s car, but the other car wasn’t looking too good. The other student was looking down at his G.P.S. when he rear ended Kalinowski. This just goes to show that you need to keep your eyes on the road. Pull over if you need to get directions somewhere or have to make a call.

I cannot stress this enough, but always look behind you and around your car while you are backing out of your parking spot. Make sure you are not too close to the car next to you and that you aren’t going to hit them. Senior Sydney McBride’s car got hit at the beginning of her junior year. Her parking spot neighbor was not watching and hit her car as they were backing out. They quickly left the scene and parts of McBride’s car were sitting on the ground. “Paint from the other person’s car was on my car. I do not know why they did not stay.” she said.

Always watch how far you open your door, too. Do not hit the cars next to with your door. This will cause scratches and dents in the other cars.

Always be courteous to the people driving around you in the lot. Let people in and drive slowly. Make sure you  are always careful no matter where you go.

Photo courtesy of Linter + Deganiar

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