Isn’t it Romantic isn’t your normal rom-com

Marissa Radtke ’19, Layout Director

When I first watched the trailer to Isn’t it Romantic, I thought the movie was going to be boring and sub par. However, after watching the movie in theatres, my opinion ultimately changed. Isn’t it Romantic is a comedy that focuses on Natalie (Rebel Wilson), an architect living in New York City who is barely noticed at her job. After being knocked unconscious one day, she wakes up to find herself in a real-life romantic comedy. This is one of her worst nightmares as she has always been cynical about love and romantic movies. The whole movie is based around her struggles with love.

The movie focuses on many of the stereotypes and storylines that most rom-coms. Molly Freeman from Screen Rant said, “Isn’t it Romantic is a wild and hilarious meta journey inside a romantic comedy, poking fun at the genre’s tropes while embracing its message of love.” As much as the movie makes fun of romance, it does focus on love and, most importantly, finding love for yourself and your voice. The main character has confidence issues and the movie teaches you that a little bit of confidence in yourself can go a long way.

Adam Devine also stars in this movie. Wilson and him are in a lot of TV shows and movies together, and they make a great pairing. They are constantly trading funny lines and it makes the movie more entertaining.

The movie also had a good soundtrack, making it funnier and even adding in some of the stereotypical dance scenes.

Overall, the movie is not for everyone. It has some funny scenes, however it gets repetitive and boring at some parts. There is no real climax to the movie making the audience feel tired and ike something was missing. The movie had many big names in it and I feel like they did not use the actors abilities to their advantage.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

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