Rescuing a pet: why every animal deserves a second chance

Alyssa Duff ’19, Website Editor-in-Chief

It had finally reached the point where, after my previous dog’s passing, my family was ready for a new pet. After doing research, we visited shelter after shelter looking for the perfect dog, and there he was: a Shih Tzu and Maltese mix. He had just been brought to the Livingston County Humane Society, so we had to wait until the next day to visit him. He came from an abusive home and was in desperate need of affection.

The adjustment of living with a rescue was hard at first; he was afraid of the mail, wrapping paper, eating when we were close by, and just about everything in between. Now, after almost a year, he gets excited when we put food in his bowl, is interested in sniffing the mail, and very rarely gets timid around large objects. He truly did get his second chance, and shows his thankfulness towards us everyday by crawling into our laps and falling asleep while we pet him.

While life with a rescue was not the easiest adjustment at the beginning, it took a short time to build the trust with him, and we were able to provide him with a new, stable home and a loving family.

Not only will you be able to give a loving pet a second chance, rescuing a dog or cat also often costs less, ranging on average between $50 and $300 instead of the usual $300 to $1200, according to the United States Humane Society.

When rescuing you also have the choice of any age of pet. If you do not want to have to train a puppy, buy an older dog, or even opt for a senior, and this goes for cats, too.

Rescuing a pet can be daunting considering that most dogs and cats in shelters have an abusive past or no known past at all. While rescuing a pet comes with its challenges, it should not be an idea that one runs away from. Not only would you be giving a pet a second chance, they often have a lot more love to give.

So, next time you are in the market for a new pet, consider opening your home and opening your heart to a rescue pet.


Check out these local shelters to find your perfect pet:
Humane Society of Huron Valley: (734) 662-5585

Livingston County Humane Society: (517) 552-8050

Michigan Humane Society Shelter: (734) 721-7300

Oakland County Animal Shelter: (248) 858-1070

Last Chance Rescue in Brighton: (810) 229-8355

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