Seniors’ last semester: what are they most looking forward to?

Noah DeSantis ’19, Managing Editor

For the students of the 2019 graduating class, this is the last semester that they will ever have here at South Lyon High School. However, there are a lot of things that seniors have to look forward to in order to enjoy their last few months before entering the next stage in their lives. What are the seniors most looking forward to in 2019?

One of the biggest events that seniors are looking forward to most is prom. The event includes dancing, food, music, and fun. The dance creates a night of magic for all who attend. It is such a big event that even some seniors buy their outfits months in advance. However, some have experienced the big night. One student who went to prom last year as a junior was Brooke Bowman. She said, “I really enjoyed last year’s prom and am super excited to see how this years goes.” By being the biggest dance of the year, almost all seniors are excited to make this a night to remember with all of their friends one last time.

Another occasion that is happening this school year is the Senior All Night Event (SANE). In past years, the senior class would spend the entire night at the high school and bounce in bounce houses and participate in carnival-like games. However, this year is different. Last year, the SANE occurred at Dave and Buster’s arcade, which is where it will be again this year. Throughout the night, seniors will be allowed to have unlimited arcade access, unlimited food, raffles, and so much more. Senior Matt Sherry said, “I really like Dave and Buster’s, and I am really looking forward to going to it again and hanging out with all my friends.” For all seniors, this night is one last hoorah to close out the year and have fun with all of our classmates together.

To conclude their final day at SLHS, seniors watch a video that some of our fellow peers worked hard to create, to recall all of their best memories and walkout of the high school while the rest of the school bids them farewell. For everyone in the graduating class, this is one of the most sentimental days of the year. Seniors feel all sorts of emotions throughout the day. Whether it is excitement to leave high school for good, bittersweetness for leaving everything they have known for the last four years behind, or regret for not doing things one wishes they had, seniors are full of so much sentiment. While this may not be some huge event, the graduating class is always so appreciative of the day and is glad to have something to culminate their final day of high school.

The last semester for seniors is always a difficult one, with almost all of the class experiencing some form of “senioritis,” it is hard to focus on anything but leaving for summer and the future. However, with events such as prom, SANE, and the walkout and senior video to look forward to, it does give some hope for a great last semester.

Photo courtesy of Party City

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