Missing Wisconsin teen found alive three months after parents’ murder

Marissa Radtke ’19, Layout Director

After the deaths of Denise and James Closs in October 2018, the world was left heartbroken and on the search for their missing teenage daughter Jayme. Multiple search parties were in effect in an attempt to find Jayme but there was no luck. Jayme immediately crawled up to the number one spot on the F.B.I.’s missing and endangered persons list. There was a $50,000 reward to anyone who knew any information regarding her whereabouts.

Eighty-seven days had passed since Closs’ disappearance, which remained a mystery until Jan. 10. It was a complete shock for everyone to see on the news that Closs had been found alive.

She was found about 70 miles outside of her hometown in a town called Gordon, Wisconsin. She was left alone in a rural home until her escape. She fled the home and ran up to a woman on the street who was walking her dog. She told the woman her name and that she has been missing for months. Closs also told her that the man who kidnapped her also killed her parents.Jayme was taken to the hospital that same day she was found. She has since then been reunited with her aunt, grandpa, and her dog Molly.

The suspect is 21 year old, James Patterson. He had no connection to the Closs family. One day he had seen Jayme getting off the bus from school while he was driving by and became infatuated with her from then on. Patterson had shaved his head to keep any evidence from authorities on finding him. Barron County sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said “I can tell you that the subject planned his actions and took many proactive steps to hide his identity from law enforcement and the general public.”

James Patterson is awaiting a trial currently. However, prosecutors are worried that he will not get a proper trial due to his confession.

Photo courtesy of CNN

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