Love is in the air: How SLHS students are spending their Valentine’s Day

Paulina Swain ’19, Social Media Manager

Feb. 14 is the one day of the year where some students get to celebrate the day with their valentines, it is also the day where high schoolers are reminded of how single and alone they are once again this year.

Valentine’s Day is recognized as a cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance with loved ones. It is not all about the relationships and couples, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with your best friends and family.

Through a poll conducted on Instagram, students were asked whether they will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with their friends and family, or celebrating with a significant other. Eighty three percent of the people had voted that they would be celebrating this holiday with their friends and family, while the remaining 17 percent said that they have someone special to make plans with this year around.

“I can not wait to receive nothing on Valentine’s Day, except for a dub because it’s game day, for the girls basketball team!” junior Taylor Plummer said about her plans were for tthe holiday of love.

Some students are excited for their plans that they have made with their significant other for this relationship-driven day. “My boyfriend and I are going out to eat and getting ice cream then spending the rest of the day together,” senior Danielle Booth said.

            Others get to spend the day with some of their other loved ones such as senior Jenna Draffen who said, “I’m excited because I’m going to go hang out with my best friends and then go out to dinner with my mom later in the day.”

Although Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate romance, it can also be a time to be grateful for the loved ones in your life and to surround yourself with the love from your friends and family. These three SLHS students are looking forward to their plans for this Valentine’s Day, and hopefully the rest of the students are as well, happy Valentine’s Day SL .  

Photo courtesy of Pacific BMW

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