Horror movie sequel misses the mark

Thomas Chavez ’19, Managing Editor

Universal Pictures’ sequel to its surprise 2017 hit, Happy Death Day, opened in theaters on Feb. 13. Dubbed Happy Death Day 2U, the film picks up where the prior film left off. However, while the first installment was clearly a horror movie that had a comedic twist, this particular installment was tonally confused and forgot the roots placed by its predecessor.

Sitting at a sixty seven percent on rotten tomatoes, the website describes Happy Death Day 2U as “A funnier follow-up with a sci-fi bent, Happy Death Day 2U isn’t as fiendishly fresh as its predecessor, but fans of the original may still find this a sequel worth celebrating.” For the most part, the movie does not make any sense unless you have seen the first one. As junior Katie White said, “The storyline and jokes would have made more sense to me if I had seen the first movie.”

The plot moves towards a sci-fi storyline in which the main character, Tree, is sent to an alternate dimension where she has to relive the same day again just like in the first. While on the surface the plot seems to just be a repeat of the first, it is actually different enough to justify making a sequel. Rather than trying to find out who her killer is like in the first movie, this time Tree is repeating her day in attempts to find her way back home to her universe.

The humor in the the sequel is much more prevalent than in the prior film. Many more jokes are made throughout the movie, and many more characters are able to shine as a result. However, the film is still a far cry from the the original source. The horror elements in the movie are few and far between, and the film suffers for that. For everyone going into the theaters expecting a horror movie, they will be disappointed. While the director and cast remained the same, the smart creativity from the first film has been replaced with absurd randomness. Happy Death Day 2U just lacks the unique magic the first film made a killing off of.

Photo courtesy of Den of Geek

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