Exam cram: Study tips for South Lyon High students

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

Twice a year, exams creep up on every high school student, some are difficult, while some are a little easier than others. This can be a very stressful time for everyone taking exams; especially those who choose to cram at the last minute, hoping to retain every single piece of information that they read at the final moments. In reality, that is not how studying should be done. If you usually find yourself around exam time cramming this way, take some of the studying tips and tricks from your fellow students.

Senior Cameron Holmes has had seven years of experience with taking exams, but each year he said that he does the same thing which has led to overall success for each test. “I just put in my headphones, listen to some of my favorite songs, and go through old notes and tests. I think going through old tests really helps because they show me what I had a problem with when we were learning the stuff, and it gives me an idea of what I just need to focus on mainly,” he said.

Not everyone is able to focus with music though. Senior Jordan Steele, another student with many years of exams under her belt, said, “I go to the library and study for every test there. I like to go in the rooms by myself or with one other person because I like it to be quiet, and I can spread out all my material on the desk.”

Everyone has a different way of learning and remembering information, but according to studies done by Youth Central, there are many ways that are best to help you retain material that you need to know for your exams.

The best way to study is to keep everything neat. When your information is cluttered, your mind will follow that path. Keep notes organized and in the same space and not just crammed into thin lines on a college-ruled sheet of paper. This will help your thoughts to stay organized as well.

Another way to study is to make sure that you have enough time, so you are able to take breaks in between topics. When you take a break, it will help your brain retain more information by letting it get a chance to sink in. You might end up understanding it more, instead of just going right into a new idea without letting it click in your head. In other words: do not cram. That is one of the worst ways to study. Give yourself enough days before your test, so that you are able to master the information.

In order to understand the material even more, a good way to study is to look at past exams and the questions you got wrong. This way, you are able to see what topics on which you used to have trouble, and you are able to focus on those topics instead of just re-studying the things you already have mastered.

Of course, everyone gets stressed around this time, but as long as you are persistent with your studying and keep up with the course material, the exam should be a breeze. Some important tips to to remember are to: not stress and take your time. Good luck!
Photo courtesy of study.com

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