Senior Schedule Issues

Troy Brinkel ’20, Sports Editor

At SLHS, there are many electives to choose from for your senior year, making the choice often difficult. A class I would recommend saving till your senior year is team and lifetime sports. Both classes offer the ability to break up a hard schedule with relative ease. Team sports will have you playing basketball, soccer, and softball, while lifetime sports has you playing tennis, golf, and bowling.

If your looking to fill your schedule with business related courses, a few good classes to take would be intro to business, entrepreneurship, and accounting. These classes, taught by Mrs. Brenda McCloskey, is extremely useful to prepare yourself for real world business exposing you to different types of business. Junior Dylan Knox said, “It taught me different insights on the business world and what it takes to be a good business owner.” Entrepreneurship is especially useful in having students create their own product and experiment with it in the global marketplace.

Another class that upperclassmen would recommend taking is either AP World or AP U.S. history. Both of these classes are taught by history teacher, Mr. Timothy Brehmer, making these choices  similar in structure. These programs are both college level providing difficulty while still educating students about the important events of American history. Students receive daily work along with weekly readings and quizzes. Summatives in the class are rare allowing for students enough time to prepare for each one.
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