Snow vs. Spring: which would you rather get away from?

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

Everyone in South Lyon Community Schools receive two weeks off for winter break, and one week off for spring break. But which one do students like more? Would they rather get away from the winter snow or the April showers?

Senior Paulina Legakis said, “I like spring break better because more people actually go somewhere, and I’m able to go somewhere with my friends instead of just with my family like I do during winter break.”

On the other hand, Senior Bree Koski says that she enjoys winter break a lot better. She said, “I just would rather get out of the harsh Michigan winters and go somewhere warm. I don’t mind being here for spring break because it’s not that cold typically, and I always go somewhere for winter break.”

When a larger amount of students were surveyed, more people said that they enjoyed winter break. Out of 250 students, 168 said that they preferred the two-week-long break as opposed to the one week break.

Senior Ryan Jarl said, “When we get off school for winter break, I’m more okay with coming back to school when it ends than I am when we leave for spring break. Once it gets to that point of the year, I’m just ready for summer break, but [for] winter break we aren’t even halfway through the year yet, so I’m more understanding and ready to come back when winter break ends.” This is how many other students felt throughout the school.

Spring break marks the long stretch of the year. Once that is over, there are no more breaks for the rest of the year. It marks the major grind before final exams, and everyone is just itching to get out of school work and into summer.

Typically, students stay in the U.S. for winter break, and go somewhere down South such as Florida, but during spring break, that is the time of year for people to get out of the country and go to places like Mexico or the Caribbean. Getting out of the unpredictable Michigan weather is always a good idea; it just depends on what bad weather you want to get out of – December flurries or April showers. But no matter if you leave for spring or winter break, make sure you enjoy where you’re going, because we only get so many days off until we go back to school!
Photo courtesy of Travel Wyoming

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