National Tensions Rise, President Impeachment Rumors Loom

Derek Jambor ’20, Business/ Ad Manager

Ever since President Donald Trump took a seat in the Oval Office back in 2016, the United States has had its ups and downs. The economy has been the best it has been since 2009, and unemployment rates have decreased substantially almost 15 percent. Some of the reason for the impeachment possibilities is due to the fact that the government has been shut down for 23 days, and he won’t reopen it until he gets what he wants which is to limit illegal immigrants entering our country.

On Dec. 23, 2018, President Trump ordered a government shutdown in order to fund the border he hopes to construct before the end of the year. Government teacher Mr. Toni Simovski said, regarding the shutdown, “ I think it is ridiculous that the government has been shut down for such a long period of time. If the leaders of our country can convene and work out a situation, that would be much better than a shutdown.”

As of Jan. 9, 2018, the government has been shut down for 19 days and American citizens are becoming very concerned for the economy.  Michigan State Senator Rashida Tlaib did not hold back on her feelings about Trump when she said, “We will impeach this mother f****r.” Senator Tlaib who is Muslim, knows that Trump does not like the Muslim community, so she is hoping to get him out of the Oval Office because of his past offensive comments about the Middle East, and the terrorism that keeps coming to the United States from that area.

With the Democrats controlling the House of Representatives, they want to do everything possible to impeach him. The steps to impeach a president is very time consuming though, since they have to meet with other powerful government officials in order to make it happen. President Trump has not done anything that would lead to impeachment according to the Constitution. Two-thirds of the Senate must approve the impeachment along with five out of the nine Supreme Court Justices. So if you are hoping Trump is going to be kicked out of the Oval Office, you might have to wait awhile.

Photo courtesy of CNN

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