Is it even considered a break?

Paulina Swain ’19, Social Media Manager

Students at SLHS dread the amount of time between holiday breaks. We all know how awful it would be to go a full twelve weeks from the end of winter break in January all the way to April for spring break, which is why most of us wish that we still had a longer mid winter break.

A few years ago, the board of education of South Lyon community schools had changed the break in February, from a week in length to one half day and three full days off. This break is split between the end of the second week to the beginning of the third week in February.

“I think mid-winter break should be longer, or at least the normal week long time. The school district changed it to be shorter, and it doesn’t even feel like it is a break,” junior Maddie Paquette said.

The time we get off from school is hardly considered a break, especially when students and their families want to use this ‘break’ for a vacation. There is not enough time to take a trip anywhere unless it is in the state of Michigan.

“I like that we get another break to separate the long weeks of school, but I dont think it is long enough to really even be considered a break,” senior Chloe Grimes said.

Most, if not all, of the students at SLHS want our old break back where we all had a week long vacation from school because it gives us more time to relax and enjoy the days off rather than going to school for half the week.

We are required to be in school for one hundred and eighty days and the holiday breaks are some of the only motivation that the students have to get through the school year. With the shortened amount of days for mid-winter break, it makes the space between January and April seem a lot longer than it actually is.

Photo courtesy of Heartland Schools

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