NFL Hunts for the answers

Derek Jambor ’20, Business/ Ad Manager

Kareem Hunt, the former star running back of the Kansas City Chiefs is now no longer a part of the NFL due to assault allegations involving Hunt and a woman that took place back in January 2018. The incident happened about 2 a.m. on Jan. 7 inside of Mosaic, a nightclub in Kansas City, Missouri. The victim said she suffered a broken rib, a broken nose and numerous cuts and bruises. Hunt himself reported the incident on Jan. 11.

Accompanying Hunt was a group of his friends who did not attack the woman like he did. This was all instigated when three allegedly intoxicated females, with one of them under the age of 21,  approached the men calling them racist and offensive slurs. Hunt and the group of men approached the females after words were exchanged between the groups. The victim then began to repeat what she had said before, and this is the reasoning behind Hunt’s actions, but is not an excuse to let him lash out in such way. He shoved her into the wall where she was then knocked unconscious. He then kicked her on the side which is what caused her ribs to break. One of the men then pulled Hunt away after all the damage was done. Junior Connor Farcassi said regarding the whole situation, “I think it’s all one big mess that could have been prevented if Hunt did not approach the girls and just let the law handle the whole thing.”

Hunt came forward with what he had done on Jan.11, 2018 to the Chiefs organization who then reported it to the NFL for further investigation. The NFL placed Hunt on the commissioner’s exempt list, and the Chiefs released him after the TMZ video became public. Junior  said, “I think the video was sickening, and it was hard to watch because he was getting very hostile and violent.” Hunt, who has not been charged with a crime, is facing a potential suspension without pay by the NFL under its personal conduct policy. This decision is most likely going to be finalized after the Super Bowl which takes place on Feb. 9,2019.

It was only Hunt’s second year in the NFL and he was on the verge of attending the very first Pro Bowl. Through 11 games he had 181 carriers for 824 yards with eight touchdowns. On the receiving end, he caught 26 receptions for 378 yards. It was a big loss for the Kansas City Chiefs as their running game has been less efficient, specifically decreased by 2.7 yards per carry.

It is uncertain if Hunt will be able to rejoin the league as only the the NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell and a judge will have the say in the decision. If he is reinstated in the league, it is still a wild card if he will get picked back up by a team since they do not want to worry about a situation like this ever again.

Photo courtesy of Sporting News

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