What’s not to love, December offers the most to be excited about

Conner Harris ‘19, Photo Editor

The second Thanksgiving dinner ends and Black Friday begins, one thing is clear: the holiday season has arrived. As the last days of November come and go alongside the last leaves of fall, the calender rolls us into the best month of the year. And yes, of course I mean December.

There is really no contest between the last month of the year and the other 11 because December offers so many things to which to look forward.

First of all, and the most obvious, with December comes the holiday season, and for most, this season brings something to look forward to all year, whether it be the presents, time with family, the music, the lights, or the festive drinks. With so much going on during this time, it is hard not to be happy that the holiday season has rolled back around.

Although Christmas steals the spotlight on our calendars, there are many other things that bring holiday cheer. What is not to love about the two week break and and the snow days we wake up to?

With all the free time that comes with our days off, we have more time to watch the Christmas movies that come back on T.V, go skiing or skating, travel, or just recharge inside and sleep for the two weeks. On top of that, college students and family members also get the holidays off, which means we can all see our friends and family that we do not often get to see when we are in school.

With all that said, there is still more. December’s weather allows for some of the most majestic scenery that we get anytime of the year. As the snow falls and the white blanket gets laid over the trees, everywhere you look starts to sparkle. The scenes that we get as winter begins are unique and set December above all other months.

Lastly, this time marks the end of a year and the opportunity to begin anew with another. Every Dec. 31, we all look forward to a year better than our last and use this time to set new goals to work towards. Resolutions are fun ways for us all to motivate ourselves to become better versions of ourselves.

No other month brings what the last month brings, and no other month gives us so much to look forward to and get excited about than December.

Photo courtesy of WSBS

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