The Christmas movies of SL

Stevie Macgregor ’19, Sports Editor

The holiday season has finally  kicked into gear. Now it is time for us to put on our favorite pajamas, brew up a cup of piping hot chocolate, and enjoy our favorite Christmas movies. Unlike most genres, Christmas movies are not all one style. They range from action to comedy  All these movies has to do is capture the Christmas spirit. The student body has spoken on their favorite holiday movies, and there is one movie that stands out above the rest

Elf, starring Will Ferrell, was by far the most popular choice and it is easy to see why. The movie is driven by a star performance from Ferrell. Senior Henry Berardelli heaped praise upon and said, “Will Ferrell is the most innovative comedian of all time.” All of the comedy is well timed and the fish out of water feeling hr portrays is done to perfection. The humor is complimented well with a heartfelt story of Buddy the Elf [Ferrell] finding a true home and family. It is a story about finding people you love and can connect with and rekindling the Christmas spirit. All of these factors combine to create one of the best Christmas movies of all time.

Some went with more out-there selections. Senior Trenton Lach chose Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh. It follows the misadventures of Drake and Josh on Christmas and adheres to a similar format to the original show. It is a hilarious movie bolstered by great performances from the leads. Even with the great performances, Lach points to one scene that puts the movie over the top. Lach said, “I like when crazy Steve puts the cheese in the woodchipper and makes it snow.”  It may not be a classic, but it is still an excellent way to get in the Christmas spirit.

As you can see people like a variety of qualities in Christmas movies. Some students like the classics like It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) while other prefer newer releases like The Polar Express (2004). Christmas movies exemplify all the great qualities of the holiday season. They teach us lessons, make us laugh, or maybe even bring us to tears. Whichever style you prefer all these movies accomplish the same thing, getting us in the spirit for a season of family, giving, and time by the fire.


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