Sitting by the fire or tanning on the beach: Different vacation places for winter break

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

Every December, schools give students approximately two weeks off to spend with their families during the holiday season. What these students do with their time off is all based on how they want to spend their time away from studying and reading books. Some stay close, some travel far, and others do things somewhere in between. But where would people rather travel to if they could? Do the people of South Lyon want to travel far to get away from the cold, or get their feet deeper in snow?

Senior Quinn Uphoff said, “I really like going up north because of winter sports. I like to snowboard and be in the cold with some of my family.” Uphoff is going up north this year for the full two week vacation, and is super excited to get out and spend time with his family doing some of his favorite activities. Every year, Uphoff goes to the Upper Peninsula in Calumet, MI to enjoy putting on his boots and gloves and going out in the snow while others may want to escape the brutal Michigan winters and soak up the sun in other states.

Senior Hannah Lamp said that she would much rather go to a warmer place for winter break when she is out of school. She said, “When I hear ‘vacation,’ I think of relaxing on a beach, an ice cold drink in hand, and no activity. I want to get out of Michigan and the cold, I don’t want to stay here or just go to an even colder place. That’s not what vacation is about!”

Another student that enjoys going to warmer places is senior Mikaela Lesperance. She said, “Michigan is only enjoyable to me in the summer when it’s warm, and I don’t have to leave the house in layers. I want to be able to just get out of that during the break and the cold and not have to deal with jackets on jackets.” She also added that the worst part about break is coming back from these warmer, more enjoyable places, and having to deal with going right back to our harsh winters.

Snow falls each year here in Michigan, and lots of people want to get dash out of the state before it begins. However, there are also some people who enjoy being in the cold and thick snow during the holiday season and getting to sit by the fire to warm up, while others enjoy being toasted by the rays of the sun. So, if you are one of those people, make sure to buy your plane tickets and get out before the first big snowfall of the year!
Photo courtesy of Business Insider

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