“New Year, new me”: Taking on the New Year with new habits

Dani England ’19, Circulation Manager

Every Jan 1, a new year begins, and everyone starts to think about new beginnings and ways to better themselves for the next 365 days. They do this by thinking about New Year’s resolutions. “New year, new me,” a saying that people use when talking about these little fixes that they are going to do for themselves. Whether they are 16 or 60, so many people use the New York Times Square ball drop as one of their reasons for working to try to improve themselves.

Students and teachers around South Lyon High School talk about making these resolutions as 2019 approaches. Most people, on average, talk about exercising more and being healthier, but there are some people in the school that have a more unique view on these resolutions.

People have the same views on the quick fixes people plan to do throughout the year. Everyone thinks that individuals start out excited to accomplish their list of goals, and many are optimistic about what meeting those goals will bring to their lives, but after January or even earlier, the gym starts to die down and so does the library with people starting to get lazy and procrastinate their goals.

There are some things that don’t require exercising for certain resolutions. Senior Jake Miller said, “I want to start to have a more positive outlook on things. Especially things with school and college. Everyone is so negative now and looks for the bad in things, and I want to change that for myself.” Not many people do these sorts of unique ideas for their resolutions. Instead, people flood the public gyms hoping to better themselves and spending monthly money, only for the majority to give up because of their busy daily lives. It’s not a bad thing that people want to get healthier and get in shape, but that’s such a general goal, and you have to be able to be persistent with it.

In order to keep that goal, you have to be able to set a schedule. The people who don’t follow through with their exercise goals, are the ones that say they’ll do it later. You have to plan out when you’ll go to the gym, the foods that you are going to eat, the time you are going to go to bed and wake up, and stop procrastinating!

Senior Olivia Brenay said that her New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating, but not in the gym and exercise manner. “This year in school has gotten so bad with putting off homework and assignments until the last minute, and I’m really coming down with ‘senioritis’,” she said. “I’m starting it now, but my New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating and actually get all my stuff done before it becomes crunch time.”

New Year’s resolutions are best known for being made by people, but are often never followed through with or abandoned quickly. What if people were actually able to do them successfully? Everyone can always be better for themselves and others, it is just the people who are actually able to go through with it that are successful and their plans actually work. It’s all about persistence and keeping a good mindset. Hopefully 2019 will bring better luck for people in today’s society, and New Year promises will not be broken.
Photo Courtesy of North Western Medical Center

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