Cookie controversy: Which Christmas cookie is the best?

Kaylie Lukomski ’19, Student Life Editor

As the winter holidays near, people dig out their colorful sprinkles and dust off their cookie cutters once again, preparing to bake all their favorite seasonal treats. There are many classic cookies that people love, and even some non-traditional flavors that have recently gained popularity, but which cookie is the favorite of SLHS students?

A poll was taken of 50 randomly selected students to see which Christmas cookie is preferred. As demonstrated in the pie chart, sugar and chocolate chip cookies clearly swept the competition away.

Sugar came out on top, earning 42 percent of the votes, and chocolate chip was the only flavor that even came close to challenging sugar, landing in second place with 28 percent of the votes. Snickerdoodle was another popular holiday cookie among students, earning 18 percent of their votes and taking third.

Other cookie flavors, including gingerbread, oatmeal raisin, and shortbread, each gained a small percentage of the votes, but did not come close to rivaling sugar for the top spot.

When asked why her favorite Christmas cookie is sugar, junior Nicole Bolla said, “It’s a tradition” for her to “make them with [her] mom.” Bolla said it is “the only kind she’ll make with [her],” so she enjoys eating these popular treats.

Senior Joslyn Debruijn’s chose the snickerdoodle to be her favorite Christmas cookie, but she also said she “couldn’t decide between snickerdoodle and gingerbread.” She had a snickerdoodle cookie at a friend’s house in middle school though, and she thought “it was really good,” so she chose that as her top cookie.

Although sugar and chocolate chip cookies are the clear favorites of SLHS students, all types of cookies are great for the holiday season. So this Christmas, all you need is a few friends and a good recipe for your favorite holiday treat to have some festive fun.

You can even take it one step further and organize a bake-off with some friends to see who can bake the best treat. If you do not have any ideas for Christmas cookies to make, do not let this stop you; make sure to check out Pinterest or other sites for some creative inspiration.


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