The evolution of Black Friday

Stephanie Kalinowski ’19, Student Life Editor

Do not look now, but Black Friday has already begun. It is an American tradition that marks the official beginning of Christmas holiday shopping. According to, the term ‘Black Friday’ originated from Philadelphia in the 1800s. It was not used however, for talking about holiday shopping, but it was instead used to reference the U.S. gold market crashing. From years 1990 to around 2012, Black Friday only happened on the day after Thanksgiving; no exceptions. Now with technology evolving, Black Friday is evolving as well.

Junior Maddy Peters said, “I miss how Black Friday was when I was younger; it was thrilling to wake up at three in the morning with my parents and shop when nobody else was even awake.”

Senior Dan Mcmaster feels the same way. He said, “People don’t even have to get out of their beds to participate in Black Friday, my fondest memory as a kid was camping out in front of my favorite stores with my parents.”

According to, JCP has the highest discounts than any other store with an average of 65.1 percent off. Coming in a close second is Kohl’s with a 60.8 percent off. These stores have almost the highest sales each year in order to compete with other stores. With Black Friday sales starting earlier in the week and being offered online it would be hard to miss these incredible sales, so make sure you get there before they sell out.

As the years go by, Black Friday has before more of week-long sales and we have added days like Cyber Monday. It is exactly how it sounds: mainly online shopping discounts that are offered on the Monday after Thanksgiving from store’s online sites. Most people like the convenience of it, as Mcmaster said, people do not even really have to move more than their fingers anymore to shop. This makes the buying process more efficient, user-friendly, and people do not have to wait in long lines. According to, last year Thanksgiving Day had more business and a higher amount of deals than Cyber Monday and Black Friday separately.

Throughout history Black Friday has transformed drastically. Competition between stores have created a more of a week-long sales rather than just a one-day-a-year sale on Black Friday.

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