Thanks for giving us the worst holiday

Stevie Macgregor ‘19 Sports Editor

It’s the time of year that we start to stuff our faces with an unreasonable amount of food and awkwardly reconnect with long lost relatives. Of course I am talking about everyone’s least favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. While some fascinate over the (debatably) delicious dishes, the antagonizing feeling of family time with aunts and uncles that constantly remind you of fun times you had with them as a 3 year old. All around it just isn’t a fun time. You only ever see these distant relatives a couple times a year, if that, so every interaction immediately becomes awkward.

Let us talk about the supposed redeeming quality of Thanksgiving: the food. Most people will concede that the forced family time is no fun, but counter with the “great” food. Unless my taste buds are just off I do not understand what all the fuss is about. Mashed potatoes the least tasty form that a potato can come in and are just extremely bland. Stuffing is one of the most beloved of all Thanksgiving sides it is still vastly overrated. The combination of pork chop, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers just do not mesh well together. No specific food, sauce, or dessert makes me look forward to Thanksgiving or keeps it from being a waste of my time.

A Thanksgiving is not complete without the timeless tradition of, as senior Trenton Lach put it,  “the Lions catching an L.” While it is unfortunate that the Lions never seem to be able to get it together on Thanksgiving day posting a 5-10 record over the past 15 years. There is nothing that gets Thanksgiving of to as horrible a start quite like a Lions loss.  

Thanksgiving can not hold a light to other holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and even smaller holidays like the 4th of July. Junior Grant Fish summarized Thanksgiving pretty well when he said, “Food [is] overrated, hate seeing family, and [the] Lions lose every year.” Thanksgiving is overshadowed by every other holiday and has few redeeming qualities to speak of. These combined factors cement it at the bottom of the holiday food chain.

Photo courtesy of Chowhound

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