Spending the holiday many miles away

Annabelle Beck ’19, Feature Editor

Though the break we get for Thanksgiving is a brief one, many of our fellow students are traveling far and wide for the five-day weekend. Some will go out of South Lyon, others out of the state, and a few even out of the country. Here is a glimpse of where some of these travelers are headed for the holiday.

Chloe Grimes, senior:

Going to: NY, and RI, (630 miles)

Grimes is going to New York to visit her aunt and uncle.

“I’m excited because I’ve never been to New York before,” she said.


Abby Durecki, senior:

Going to: Houston, TX, (1,308 miles)

Durecki is visiting her aunt, uncle, and cousins who live there. She will be attending a Korean themed Thanksgiving in honor of her Korean aunt. This will be a great holiday for her because she loves Korean food.

“I’m excited for the warm weather,” she said.


Laura Cornell, senior:

Going to: Key Largo, FL (1,448 miles)

Cornell will be visiting her dad who lives there and will be going scuba diving and boating while soaking up the warm rays.

“I’m excited to see my dad,” she said.


Jade Tobias, senior:

Going to: Normal, IL, (364 miles)

Tobias is going to see her mom and hang out with her brother, sister, and family.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my whole family on Thanksgiving,” she said.


Elyssa Haas, junior:

Going to: Orlando, FL, (1,163 miles)

Haas will be performing at Disney World for dance.

“I’m excited to be on stage and enjoy the hot weather because it is so cold here,” she said.


Caroline Julian, senior:

Going to: Riesa, and Dresden Germany, (4,270 miles)

Julian is attending the world championship for dance.

“I am most excited to hopefully win,” she said.


Madison Porter, senior:

Going to: Beijing, China (6,605 miles)

Porter is going to China with her dad for his job. There she will tour the Forbidden City and go shopping.

“I’m excited to get to see the culture of the Chinese people,” she said.


Whether you are on the go like these traveling students, or staying in state for the holiday, it should still be a good one surrounded by friends and family. Make sure to think of something you are thankful of, and appreciate what you have this Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

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