New Iphone XR: Is it worth it?

Troy Brinkel ’20, Sports Editor

Another year, another new iPhone. Coming out during the holidays Apple makes another attempt to burn holes in the pockets of consumers across the globe. The newest iPhone, arriving just in time for the holidays, is called the “iPhone TenR”. As apple runs adds across televisions around the country, consumers are often left wondering, what’s different about this one?

Taking a look at the new iPhone XR, the design is somewhat similar to an iPhone X and iPhone eight cross. (The aluminum frame with the glass back which reminds me of both as the glass back allows for the important feature): wireless charging. The glass back comes in a few different colors including: blue, red, black, orange, yellow, or white. I personally like the Coral color the best as it represents a more orange and salmon color. I find the metallic aluminum color on the sides looks very good with the Coral color on the back.

Looking at specs, the new iphone actually loses some of the features that have come standard to iPhones of the past. The new iPhone XR will downgrade to an original LCD screen; this is despite the fact that multiple iphones in the past have had the dominant OLED screen. This change limits the iPhone XR’s resolution to 720p which may be a deal breaker for some.

Another major difference in the iPhone XR to the previous is that the XR only gets one camera on the back. The iPhone XR keeps the wide angle camera, but loses the telephoto camera which comes standard on the iPhone X.

Other compromises include the fact that the iPhone XR did not come with the gigabit LTE speeds that came standard on the iPhone XS. This new feature allowed for extreme download speeds over LTE; however, it looks like the XR will be left out of this new features. Another important feature to many consumers is battery life. The Iphone XR’s battery life is actually downgraded from the original iPhone X at almost 1000mAh. This is especially surprising as the iPhone XR is described as being the new greatest iPhone to hit public markets.

So is the new iPhone XR worth the starting price of $749? It depends on what you are looking for as a consumer. The XR is pretty much a toned down version of the iPhone X which came out last year. If you are looking to get a vibrant color on a new iPhone and do not care about the specs, the XR is for you; however, I believe if your going to upgrade this year, you might as well pay the extra money to get the iPhone XS which has much better specs.

Photo courtesy of Apple

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