Hunting Season in The Jungle

Karlie Pfeifer ’20, Photo Editor

Welcome to The Jungle. Where we hunt every day with attitude, effort, and enthusiasm. This season has been a highlight and one to remember for our football team and for our school as a whole. Although not making it to 11-0, we still managed to pull off a very impressive season with a 10-1 record. People from all over South Lyon, past graduates, and retired teachers of South Lyon High School all stood proud while attending the games that continued to keep our undefeated season.

As our boys kicked off their last game of the season, it was important to hear what their outlooks were on their very impressive accomplishments this year. The Lions were more than happy to share with us their thoughts and feelings. Senior, wide receiver and tight end, Ronnie Menard said, “I am very excited with how the team has played this season.”  His fellow teammates agreed. Senior defensive back and wide receiver, Jack Mifsud added that, “Honestly I am stoked! I’m so proud. After our first win, it brought our team confidence.” This is many of our players’ last year of high school football. Senior Mike Gassner, one of the offensive lineman, describes his experience this season as, “Crazy and unexpected, but very much deserved. It’s honestly indescribable, the feeling.”

As the senior varsity players commented on their feelings towards this season, many of the junior players did as well.  One of our star players, quarterback Conner Fracassi explained, “We’ve played really good together this season. The bond with our teammates is the best ever.” Junior running back Mitch Komorous agreed and said, “Our team’s bond is very strong, probably because of how far we have come together.”

This is the end of a great season for the team. However, it also leaves opportunity for the future. The boy’s are proud and happy to have made it so far this season, and in the words of senior wide receiver James Haddock, “I’m glad to say I am a part of the brotherhood.” Keep hunting, Lions, go get ‘em next season! We will  be rooting for you.


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