Cedar Point HalloWeekends

Karlie Pfeifer ’20, Photo Editor

Do you love roller coasters? Or how about Halloween and all things spooky? Well Cedar Point has just the thing for you: HalloWeekends! Coming back in October 2019, HalloWeekends could be your new go to trip. This year, many SLHS students attended and had a blast, let us hear what there is to explore.

HalloWeekends this year lasted until October 28. It is a great way to spend your weekend in October. It hosts many fun rides, haunted attractions,  and even haunted mazes and outdoor scare zones. While asking for a review on their experience to Cedar Point during HalloWeekend, Junior Maddy Gaylor said, “ I would highly recommend going. Also, I would recommend to go with a big group of friends, so the waiting in lines goes by faster. There is so much to do and it’s absolutely fun.” Maddy, who went with a bunch of her friends would like people to know that they should definitely look into buying tickets to next year’s HalloWeekend. As students who attended this year, they would like to raise awareness that HalloWeekend is much more than just a regular trip to Cedar Point.

Another student here at SLHS who talked about their trip to Cedar Point for HalloWeekends, Senior Hannah Gaut, said, “ I had a blast! I would definitely recommend to those that love fun rides and Halloween.”  Overall, it seems like our students here really enjoyed their trips to HalloWeekends, many of which our looking forward to going again next year. If you missed it this October, you always have the opportunity to attend next year’s HalloWeekends at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. So, start saving your money now and soon you too will be screaming with glee at 2019’s HalloWeekends.                

Photo courtesy of metroparent.com

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