You’re a mediocre one, Mr. Grinch

Tristan Hughes, Business & Ad Manager

Illuminations studios latest film The Grinch (2018) was the latest attempt by Hollywood to reimagine a Dr. Suess book. With big names like Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the titular character, and artist Tyler, the Creator producing the soundtrack, had the audience trekking to the theatre expecting great things from the film; however, there was very little to differentiate this attempt at telling the story from past versions.

While nobody expected, nor wanted this story to change, there could have been more creative twists and humor to liven the plot. At the end of the movie, audiences are left wondering what the film could have been. It was not bad, but it surely was not as good as we all hoped it would be. Top film critic Katie Walsh of the Los Angeles Times described the movie perfectly when she said, “The material written to fill out the story is entertaining, but it doesn’t resonate.” This is not The Grinch movie that you’d want to watch year after year.

Despite the criticism, the movie was not boring by any stretch of the imagination. There were plenty of comical moments spread throughout to keep you engaged. Yet, if you watch the trailers before you go see the movie, many of the most funny moments will be spoiled for you.

One great part of the film was the soundtrack. Tyler, the Creator killed his part of the movie. The soundtrack was incredibly an unique take on the Christmas song genre and the classic song “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” This was one of the most redeeming qualities of the movie and one of the only aspects that was able to set it apart from previous renditions of the book.

While the movie was made with quality, it will not likely be a holiday classic in years to come. Senior Stephanie Kalinowski said, “The cuteness is enough to keep you entertained and get you in the holiday spirit, but there is nothing new that makes it better than the others.” This is the general consensus of the movie. If this is the only Grinch film you’ve ever seen, you will enjoy the movie, but the older versions definitely seem to tell the story better.

It’s a solid movie with big names but it does not transcend beyond the original source material. In order to make a great reimagining of an old classic, there has to be new content that paints the story in a different light. The movie feels like a carbon copy of the previous films, including the 26 minute 1966 cartoon, which had the same effect in a quarter of the time. The movie was fun to watch, but the classics will always reign triumphant.
Photo courtesy of imbd

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