Wisconsin teen missing after parents are murdered

Marissa Radtke ’19, Layout Director

In the very early morning of Monday, Oct. 15 at 12:30 a.m., 911 dispatchers received a mysterious call where all they could hear was yelling. They traced where the phone call came from and sent authorities. Upon arrival, they found James and Denise Closs, shot to death in their home in the small town of Barron, Wisconsin.

There was no gun at the scene and their teenage daughter, Jayme Closs, was nowhere to be found. It also appeared the door to the family’s home had been kicked in.

The investigation has almost come to a stand still. There are no suspects currently, and even though the police received over 2000 tips regarding the case and almost every single one has been shut down.  

There have been multiple search parties for Closs, but none have found anything. At a press conference, Closs’s  aunt pleaded for her to be delivered home safely. She said, “We will never stop looking for you. Your dog Molly is waiting for you—she is sleeping in one of your sweatshirts.”

Closs is number one on the Federal Bureau of Investigation missing persons list. They are also rewarding up to $50,000 for information regarding her whereabouts.

The Barron County Sheriff Department has been working vigorously to try to get somewhere with this case. The sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told Fox News, “I want to reassure the great residents of Barron County and everyone else around the nation who continue to follow and support this case that we have left no stone unturned.”

There are two vehicles that investigators think are linked to Jayme’s disappearance. One is a red or orange Dodge Challenger, and the other is a black Ford Edge or Acura MDX.

If you or anyone you know think you might know something about this case, please call the Barron County Sheriff Department at 1-855-744-3879.
Photo courtesy of WBAY

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